2023/24 PAYE Calculator with Historical Salary Analysis

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Are you earning more or less than your grandparents did? We have all heard the stories of a pint of beer for a penny and filling a shopping basket for less than a crown but how do those historical salaries measure up to modern salaries, are we better or worse off than we have been in previous years.

This PAYE calculation tool allows you to enter an annual Salary for 2024 and produce a detailed Salary report which explains monthly payroll deductions for the 2023/24 Tax year with comparative earnings in previous tax years.

Simply enter your annual salary below then click the generated link to see a full analysis of your PAYE, Gross Income and Take Home Pay and see the equivalent of your salary in 2024 in previous years including 1950 Salary equivalent, 1960 Salary equivalent, 1970 Salary equivalent, 1980 Salary equivalent, 1990 Salary equivalent, 2000 Salary equivalent and 2010 Salary equivalent.

The PAYE Calculator is configured to calculate a PAYE tax calculation for the 2023/24 tax year and reverse engineer earning and apply the computed salary amounts against historic tax thresholds.

Historical PAYE and Salary Calculator

Each PAYE calculation provides a full breakdown of Employee and Employer NIC's, and other deductions calculated within the UK Tax Calculator 2023/24.

The PAYE calculation includes a graphical overview which details the percentage breakdown of payslip element and also depicts the running total on a month-by-month basis.

Historical Salary Examples

Click on one of the following pre-defined PAYE Calculation examples or generate your own bespoke graphical overview using the Historical PAYE and Salary Calculator above.

Historic PAYE Examples

Click to view a Historic PAYE illustration and email/print as required.