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Several thousand people use iCalculator™ every day, in 2013 our calculators performed over 6 Million separate calculation, in 2014 we delivered almost 87 million separate calculations worldwide. In 2015 we delivered over 250,000 separate calculations per day. As of today (19 May 2024)... we stopped counting! Not quite true but it's fair to say its a big number!

We couldn't do it without you. iCalculator™ delivers new tax and finance articles and content every day with new calculators and finance tools added weekly. These are built and refined to support the needs and feedback from our global users. If you are looking for a calculator and you can't find it, let us know and we will add it to our calculator projects. Your support underpins our aim to make tax and financial calculations quick and transparent.

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iCalculator™ was conceived, created and continues to be supported by Peter Starmer FCMI, GCGI(LM), GCGI(HR), FInstLM, FdA who has over 20 years of managerial and directorial experience in operations, logistics, finance, budgeting and staff development. Peters original aim was to provide simple tools to support specific business functions. These have included quick salary assessment and cost of employment, pallet optimisation for logistics and other engineering tools developed to streamline operations by reducing cost, increasing productivity and capacity to increase sales and throughput whilst retaining the same or less cost resource. Constantly listening and working with the userbase, the tools on iCalculator™ continue to be refined and developed to support changes in user needs with constant research and development completed to support our users, whether they be students, teachers, SME's, business owner, CEO, CFO... whatever you do, wherever you do it, our aim is to support you with relevant, informative tools to improve the quality of your life from a business, health, wealth and educational point of view.

iCalculator™ is a website which serves as an online collection of calculators and information that is provided to allow individuals, groups, team, businesses, students and teachers to learn more about specific topics. This could be discovering how to calculate and complete a tax return or learning more about how to calculate ratios and other math problems.

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