Employer NIC's Calculator 2024/25

The Employer National Insurance Contributions Calculator is updated for the 2024/25 tax year so that you can calculate your employer NIC's due to HMRC in addition to standard payroll costs. This is a simple tool that provides emlploee NI and employers ni calculations withour the Employment Allowance factored in. If you are an employer looking to calculate the employer NI on several employees and/or include theEmployment Allowance in 2024 you will find this calculator useful.

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Employer NIC Calculator
Enter your employees' annual salary to view a full National Insurance Contributions calculation and Graphical Analysis for Employee and Employer NIC's

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About the National Insurance Calculator:

The Employers National Insurance Contributions Calculator is configured to calculate National Insurance Contributions calculations for the 2023/24 tax year. Each National Insurance Contributions calculation provides a full breakdown of Employee and Employer NIC's, so that you have a full picture of exactly what your employee cost. Staff costs are not just salaries, Employers National Insurance Contributions are applied in addition to an employee's salary and are payable each month.

The Employers National Insurance Contributions calculation includes a graphical overview detailing the percentage breakdown so you can view the breakdown of each staff overhead and see the true cost of maintaining your Permanent Employees.

At iCalculator, we love making tax calculators simple. As an employer we understand that it can be tedious, confusing and often frustrating to calculate National Insurance Contributions for yourself as an employer and also for your employees.

HMRC's new payroll software has made calculating Employer National Insurance Contributions easier in recent years but it can be hard work and doesn't help if you are looking for the true cost of a new permanent Full Time Employee (FTE) for your business.

Employees National Insurance Contributions are paid on top of an employees annual gross salary so the true cost of a new staff member includes much more than just their salary (we won't go into recruitment fees here as how you recruit and the costs of recruiting will vary depending on your business model and how you employ, Head Hunter or friends from the pub!

Employers National Insurance Contributions Calculations

Click on one of the following pre-defined Employers National Insurance Contributions examples or generate your own bespoke graphical overview using the Employers National Insurance Contribution Generator above.

Employer NIC Calculations