UK Average Earnings in 2024 by Job Sector and Role

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In this section we provide details of average salaries in the UK across specific employment categories. If you are looking for salaries related to Public Sector Roles we suggest you review the salaries and pay grades for all Public Sector Jobs and Roles.

Why do you need to know the average salary in the UK by occupation?

UK Average Salary in 2024. This image shows the United Kingdom flag and information relating to the salary statistics and average salary in the UK in 2024

For most people, knowing their salary and how this compares with the average salary of someone else in their occupation is key for negotiating pay rises. Particularly when demand is high in your industry as the higher the demand and the less availability of skilled Individuals who can do the same job as you, the more likely you are to leverage a better salary and negotiate a higher pay increase.

It is also useful to understand how average salaries for specific roles change over the years. As demand fluctuates for specific skills so to does the associated salaries that those jobs demand.

UK Average Salary in 2024

The links below contain the 2024 average salaries for each occupation defined within the occupation group specified by the Office of National Statistics.

UK Average Salaries - Historical Data

You can access historical average salary information dating back to 2018 by selecting one of the available tax years below.

Average Salary - Supported Years