UK 2024 Salary Examples

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The Salary Examples in this section are designed to provide a quick overview of the salary deductions for a standard employee using Class 1 National Insurance Contributions and standard payroll deductions in 2024. If you want to produce a detailed salary calculation based on your tax code, pension deductions, salary sacrifice and/or different class of National Insurance, use the advanced Salary Tax Calculator. If you would like to compare upto six salaries at once, side by side to see which salary has the highest take home pay, use the 2024 Salary Comparison Calculator.

UK Salary Examples. This image shows the United Kingdom flag and information relating to the tax formula used to calculate the UK Salary Examples
Quick PAYE Salary Illustration:

Each salary example provides standard deductions for quick comparison. You can print and/or email the salary example to yourself for later reference. If you need a more detailed salary calculation, use the full salary calculator which allows for all pension types, deductions, dividends and more allowing you to produce a refined salary calculation and cleared representation of your take home salary after deductions.

UK Salary Examples - Create and Email

The following salary examples will allow you to view a salary calculation and then send this to yourself, a friend, colleague, employee, potential employee etc. This tool is popular with Recruitment agencies. If you work for a recruitment agency and would like your own, branded salary calculator on iCalculator please contact us for more details.

UK Salary Examples

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