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This VAT calculator provides vat calculations for those who are VAT registered or deciding whether VAT registration is a beneficial step for their business.

The VAT Calculator calculates standard VAT and reduced rate VAT for UK and Ireland. VAT rates are updated regularly.

VAT Calculator
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VAT Calculator: Instant calculation of VAT based on Gross figure (inclusive of VAT) or Net figure (exclusive of VAT).

VAT is an acronym for Value Added Tax. VAT is a tax that is applied to a product/service whenever value is added at a stage of production, transaction point and final sale. Theoretically, VAT is only paid once per product with the actual payment passed through the supply chain to the end consumer/user.

VAT is a tax that affects us all. From consumers paying VAT on goods or a service to a business calculating VAT commitments, VAT is a tax that directly affect supply chain transations (service and products).

How to Use the VAT Calculator

The VAT Calculator is designed to be intuitive to use, it"s all about making VAT easy to calculate and understand. The calculator allows you to apply VAT to a figure entered or calculate the VAT paid on the figure entered.

  1. Enter the figure you wish to calculate VAT for.
  2. Select the Rate of VAT you wish to apply.
  3. Choose whether you wish to add VAT or calculate the inclusive VAT
  4. Optional - use the advanced VAT calculator elements.

How to Use the Advanced VAT Calculator

The advanced VAT Calculator allows you to build an inventory of products/services with specific titles/references for your later use. You can then email the VAT calculation to yourself for your VAT records.

You can also choose to apply a bespoke VAT rate.

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