Monthly Pay PAYE and NI Calculator 2023/24

This calculator allows you to enter you monthly income for each month throughout the tax year. The calculator then provides monthly PAYE and NI deductions and an annual figure overview of deductions so you can review monthly amounts and annual averages for standard payroll deductions. It is important to understand that National Insurance is calculated on the period you are paid. So, in this calculator which uses monthly payment payroll process, National insurance is calculated each month, so the thresholds apply to earnings within that month only. National Insurance Contributions are not like PAYE, if you earn more one month, you will pay more, you will not receive a rebate or balance of the National Insurance overpayment the next month if you earn less.

  • Pro Rata: the calculator computes the monthly incomes to provide a 'forecast average' from which PAYE is calculated based on a 12-month cycle. This is the same PAYE forecasting approach as used by HMRC, by using the payroll period and the average rolling earning, a projection of annual earnings is generated from which PAYE deductions are adjusted with a view to you having paid you complete income tax commitment throughout the year. NI Contributions are calculated on the amount paid within the month (payment cycle).
  • Standard: the calculator only calculates PAYE on the amounts entered. This is useful for those who only work 8 out of 12 months (as an example) and wish to see the actual PAYE calculation for the year (this is not how HMRC forecasts PAYE but is useful for those who are looking to calculate the PAYE rebate for self-assessment when working infrequent periods or with uneven monthly payment amounts).
Monthly Pay PAYE and NI Calculator 2023/24
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About the Monthly Wage PAYE and NI Calculator 2023/24

This PAYE and NI Calculator is designed for those who are paid monthly with different amounts earned each month. This is not unusual in the contracting industry or for self-employed individuals whose income can flex depending on their workload. The majority of employees however will be paid even split amounts across a twelve month period. If you are an employee, on a monthly salary, you are most likely better off using the Monthly Wage Calculator as this includes more detailed features including salary sacrifice, company pension deductions and differing tax codes.

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