UK Public Sector Pay Grades and Bands

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This section of iCalculator™ contains details of UK public sector jobs with their current pay scales, grades and bands and associated salary examples.

You can access details of each public sector role to view details of the current pay structure in place, you can then view how much the take home pay is after PAYE income tax deductions and National Insurance deductions.

Public Sector

About the Public Sector Pay Scales

The aim of the section is to provide insight into UK Public Sector Pay scales and salaries for current and historical years. The information provided includes:

  1. Current and historical public sector pay scales
  2. Detailed salary examples calculated using the tax rates and thresholds of the actual year (so take home pay is actual for that year [based on standard tax code and deductions])
  3. Details of current and historical public sector pay rises (with a pay rise calculator to produce you own illustrations of proposed pay rises).

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If you would like us to provide additional statistics, include additional public sector roles or if there is information which requires updating due to a change of policy then please do contact us. Our aim is to provide our community (You) with relevant information to allow informed decision and appraisel, this means we tailor our tools to your requirements so feedback helps to shape what we do to meet your needs.