£ 12,090.00 Salary Example for the 2023/24 Tax Year

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£ 12,090.00 Salary Overview

The graphic below illustrates common salary deductions and the actual percentages deducted when factoring in personal allowances and tax threshols for 2023. You can find the full details on how these figures are calculated for a £ 12,090.00 annual salary in 2023.

  • 19% £ 2,297.10
  • 0% £ 0.00
  • 5% £ 604.50
  • 76% £ 9,188.40
    Net Pay

Overview of Deductions and Take Home Pay for £ 12,090.00 Annual Salary

£ 12,090.00 Salary Example for the 2023/24 Tax Year
YearlyMonthly4 Weekly2 WeeklyWeeklyDailyHourly%1
Gross Income12,090.001,007.50930.00465.00232.5047.796.64100.00%
Adjusted Gross Income211,485.50957.13883.50441.75220.8845.406.3195.00%
Company Pension: Employee604.5050.3846.5023.2511.632.390.335.00%
Company Pension: Employer362.7030.2327.9013.956.981.430.203.00%
Taxable Pay11,485.50957.13883.50441.75220.8845.406.3195.00%
Tax Due [PAYE]2,297.10191.43176.7088.3544.189.081.2619.00%
Total Pay Deductions2,901.60241.80223.20111.6055.8011.471.5924.00%
Net Pay9,188.40765.70706.80353.40176.7036.325.0576.00%

Employers NIC Contribution329.2027.4325.3212.666.331.300.182.72%
Salary Package [Cost of Employee]12,781.901,065.16983.22491.61245.8150.527.02105.72%

1 Percentage expressed in relation to Gross Income [£ 12,090.00].

2 Adjusted Gross Income allows for tax free deductions including Salary Sacrifice schemes.

Interested in how to calculate your income tax, national insurance and payroll deductions on a £ 12,090.00 Salary? All the calculations used to calculate national insurance, employers national insurance, PAYE, pensions and other salary deductions are available for this £ 12,090.00 salary example further down this page with supporting guides and tools to help improve understanding of how tax is calculated in the UK.

iCalculator™ UK Salary illustrations provide a precise breakdown of your annual salary. This £ 12,090.00 Salary Example includes specific details on your daily, weekly, monthly and annual take home pay, calculated after allowing for personal allowances, employee and employer PAYE contributions, National insurance contributions, salary sacrifice, and other salary allowances and Tax deductions. If you are currently looking for a new job or simply comparing salaries in the UK, we recommend using the 2023 Salary Comparison Calculator which allows you to compare upto 6 salaries side by side. You can compare salaries in the same year or in previous years as well as comparing salaries across different job sectors.

The £ 12,090.00 Salary Example below uses standard setting to provide a generic salary example for a UK employee earning £ 12,090.00 per tax year, this is a useful salary overview for those who need to get a quick idea of what their take home pay will be on a £ 12,090.00 Salary. If you have a non-standard tax code in 2023, pay different pension rates or have a different National Insurance class, we suggest you use the 2023 Income Tax Calculator as this has advanced features that allow you to alter your tax code, pension contributions, National Insurance Contributions and view specific details and calculations for each element including cost of employment and salary costs for employers.

£ 12,090.00 Salary After Tax Analysis

Based on the £ 12,090.00 Salary above which uses the 2023 Personal allowance of £ 0.00 and class 1 National Insurance Contributions, 3% Employee Pension contributions to a company pension (whilst this is not compulsory to join a company pension scheme, it is increasingly common to sign up to company pension schemes as it allows you to pay less tax, we have also included a Employer pension contribution of 5% to allows visability of associated salary package and cost of employment). Lets review what this means on a practical level:

What is the Taxable Income on a £ 12,090.00 Salary?

£ 11,485.50 of a £ 12,090.00 annual salary is subject to income tax in 2023.

How much Income Tax would I pay on a £ 12,090.00 Salary?

You would pay £ 2,297.10 in income tax (PAYE) on an annual salary of £ 12,090.00 in 2023. How we calculate income tax (PAYE) on a £ 12,090.00 salary:

Your taxable income exceeds the starting rate income tax threshold but is less than the basic rate threshold so your PAYE calculation includes the Basic PAYE rate:

Basic Rate PAYE Income Tax Calculation (Basic Rate Calculation)
£ 11,485.50 Income taxable at Basic rate in 2023
x20% Basic rate Income tax rate in 2023

=£ 2,297.10 PAYE due at Basic rate in 2023
Basic Rate PAYE Income Tax Calculation (Total)
=£ 0.00 PAYE due at Additional rate in 2023
=£ 0.00 PAYE due at Higher rate in 2023
=£ 2,297.10 PAYE due at Basic rate in 2023

=£ 2,297.10 Total PAYE due in 2023

How much National Insurance would I pay on a £ 12,090.00 Salary?

None of the £ 12,090.00 Salary is subject to National Insurance Contributions in 2023

How much Employers National Insurance is paid on a £ 12,090.00 Salary?

The employer would pay £ 329.20 in Employers National Insurance Contributions (ENIC's) on an annual salary of £ 12,090.00 in 2023. How we calculated Employers National Insurance Contributions on a £ 12,090.00 salary:

Employer Class 1 NICS Calculation: Due within the Secondary Threshold
£ 11,485.50 Adjusted income (allowing for Salary Sacrifice and Pensions)
- £ 9,100.00 Weekly Secondary Threshold (ST) (52 x £ 175.00)

= £ 2,385.50 Amount subject to Secondary Threshold National Insurance Contributions in 2023
x 13.8% Employer's Class 1 contribution rate above Secondary Threshold

= £ 329.20 Your employer NICS in 20231

1 Employers can claim up to £ 5,000.00 off the NIC bill in 2023 using the Employment Allowance scheme. You must have more than one employee and pay class 1 National Insurance Contributions. You can also claim Employment Allowance if you employ a care or support worker. The Employment allowance is not shown in this illustration due to the variance of amounts dependant on number of employees / means of claiming the allowance.

What is the Cost of Employment for an Employee of a £ 12,090.00 Salary in the UK?

The total cost of employment for an employee on a £ 12,090.00 Salary per year is £ 12,781.90, this is also known as the Salary Package. So, a basic salary of £ 12,090.00 is a £ 12,781.90 Salary Package on top of which can include company car costs, healthcare costs and other employee related business costs. How we calculated the salary package for a UK employee on an annual £ 12,090.00 Salary.

Employer Salary Package Cost for £ 12,090.00 in 2023
£ 12,090.00 Gross Pay
+ £ 329.20 Employer National Insurance Contributions (NIC) (calculation below)
+ £ 362.70 Company Pension: Employer (calculation below)

= £ 12,781.90 Total Employee Cost (Salary Package)

2023 Employee Salary Deductions: The Basics

If you have never really looked at your payslip or perhaps it's your first job and the first time you have looked at a payslip, it is worth spending a few minutes getting to know what the different deductions and payroll details are. If you dont have a payslip, here is a simple payslip example for an annual salary of £ 12,090.00. Understanding your payslip and payroll deductions allows you to identify potential errors and know what to do when mistakes are made so you can claim back any overpaid tax. It is also important to understand how your salary and financial commitments look as this is a key factor when reviewing your P60 and for calculating how much you can borrow for a mortgage when you buy your first home or move home, we cover the P60 and Mortgages in more detail later. The guides below are easy to read and designed to provide a basic understanding of payslip and payroll deductions.