Ratio Calculators

We have lots of excellent calculators, each with supporting tutorials and example of how to calculate ratios in different ways. You can add, multiply, divide, subtract, work out shares, find equivalent ratios, find the missing ratio for two ratios, three ratios and more. Simply select the calculator you need to help you with your calculations, revision and math coursework. You can watch our short video which provides an introduction to ratios or you may wish to review our ratio tutorials which include excellent guides and pratical tutorials to help you master ratios and understand the relationship and differences between ratios, rates and proportion.

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Ratio Tutorials and Revision Guides

Ratio and Proportion Learning Material and Ratio and Proportion Study Aide
Tutorial IDTitleTutorialRevision
4.2Rates. Applications of Ratios and Rates in Practice
4.4Properties of Proportion. Geometric Mean
4.5Variation. Types of Variation

Math Ratio Caculators

The ratio calculators are split into six separate categories, these are:

New to Ratios

Simple Math Ratio Calculators

Ratio Calculators with Ratio Tutorials

Ratio Calculators for working with Ratio Tables

Ratio Conversion Calculators

Ratios are an excellent way of expressing paired and grouped values but they are not always practical when completing calculations. The following calculators allow you to convert ratios to other formats and other formats to ratios.

Ratio Test Calculators

These calculators are designed to test your mental arithmetic and provide a bit or fun. each ratio test has a leader board so you can see if you can become the number 1 in the world for ratio calculations. The tests include ratios, fractions and percentages, this is because ratios can be expressed as fractions and percentages and it is worth training your brain to recognise and compare those values, the more you practice, the more you will become familiar with the relative values when comparing ratio, fraction and percentage values.

Ratios in everyday use

The following calculators provide good example of ratios in every day life.