T1 General - 2024 - NU479 Nunavut Credits

This calculator provides the Nunavut credit amount to be entered on line 479 of your return.

Nunavut Credit
Cost of living tax credit
Adjusted net income
Enter your net income from line 236 of your return.1
Enter the total of amounts you claimed on line 244 and line 250 of your return.-2
Line 1 minus line 2 (if negative, enter "0")=3
Enter the amount you claimed for foreign income on line 256 of your return that is exempt under a tax treaty.6054-4
Line 3 minus line 4 (if negative, enter "0")Adjusted net income=5
Basic credit
Enter the amount from line 5.6
Applicable ratex%7
Multiply line 6 by line 7.Basic credit (maximum $1,200)=8
Cost of living supplement for single parents
You can claim the supplement if you were a single parent at any time in 2024 and your adjusted net income (line 5) is more than $60,000.
Enter the amount from line 59
Base amount-10
Line 9 minus line 10 (if negative, enter "0")=11
Applicable ratex%12
Multiply line 11 by line 12.Cost of living supplement (maximum $255.12)6394•►+13
Add lines 8 and 13.Total cost of living tax credit6390=14
Political contribution tax credit
Nunavut political contributions made in 2024639115
Credit calculated for line 16 on the Territorial Worksheet(maximum $500)16
Enter your Nunavut tax from line 428 of your return.17
Enter the cost of living tax credit calculated at line 14.-18
Line 17 minus line 18 (if negative, enter "0")=19
Enter the amount from line 16 or line 19, whichever is less.Political contribution tax credit+20
Add lines 14 and 20. Enter the result on line 479 of your return.Nunavut credits=21