T1-2024 Schedule A

Statement of World Income

If you were a non-resident of Canada or a deemed non-resident of Canada for all of 2024 (including if you are electing under section 217 and/or section 216.1 of the Income Tax Act), this schedule should be completed and attached to your return

Nunavut Statement of World Income calculator
Income from Canadian sources
Enter the amount from line 236 on your return.1
Net interest and other investment income.+2
Net rental income+3
Other Canadian-source income (specify):+4
Add lines 1 to 4.==5
Income from sources outside Canada
Net employment income6
Net pension income7
Net interest and other investment income8
Taxable capital gains9
Net rental income10
Net business income11
Other foreign-source income (specify): 12
Add lines 6 to 12.=+13
Add lines 5 and 13.This is your net world income.167=14
Enter the total of the amounts on lines 248 to 256 of your return that apply only to your Canadian-source employment and business income and taxable capital gains from disposing of taxable Canadian property.-15
Line 14 minus line 15 (if negative, enter "0")This is your net world income after adjustments.169=16