T1 General - Yukon Tax

This calculator, relevant to Yukon, comprises 3 steps to calculate the figure for line 428 of your tax return:

Step 1 - Yukon non-refundable tax credits

Step 2 - Yukon tax on taxable income

Step 3 - Yukon tax

Yukon Tax and Credits
Step 1 - Yukon non-refundable tax credits
Basic personal amountclaim $11,32758041
Age amount (amount from line 301 of your federal Schedule 1)(maximum $7,033)5808+2
Spouse or common-law partner amount (amount from line 303 of your federal Schedule 1)5812+3
Amount for an eligible dependant (amount from line 305 of your federal Schedule 1)5816+4
Family caregiver amount for children under 18 years of age (amount from line 367 of your federal Schedule 1)5825+5
Amount for infirm dependants age 18 or older (amount from line 306 of your federal Schedule 1)5820+6
CPP or QPP contributions:
(amount from line 308 of your federal Schedule 1)5824+•7
(amount from line 310 of your federal Schedule 1)5828+•8
Employment insurance premiums:
(amount from line 312 of your federal Schedule 1)5832+•9
(amount from line 317 of your federal Schedule 1)5829+•10
Canada employment amount (amount from line 363 of your federal Schedule 1)5834+11
Public transit amount (amount from line 364 of your federal Schedule 1)5835+12
Children's arts amount (amount from line 370 of your federal Schedule 1)5841+13
Adoption expenses (amount from line 313 of your federal Schedule 1)5833+14
Pension income amount (amount from line 314 of your federal Schedule 1)(maximum $2,000)5836+15
Caregiver amount (amount from line 315 of your federal Schedule 1)5840+16
Disability amount (for self) (Claim $7,454, or if you were under 18 years of age, use the Provincial Worksheet.)5844+17
Disability amount transferred from a dependant (amount from line 318 of your federal Schedule 1)5848+18
Interest paid on your student loans (amount from line 319 of your federal Schedule 1)5852+19
Your tuition, education, and textbook amounts [use and attach Schedule YT(S11)]5856+20
Tuition, education, and textbook amounts transferred from a child5860+21
Amounts transferred from your spouse or common-law partner [use and attach Schedule YT(S2)]5864+22
Medical expenses:
Amount from line 330 of your federal Schedule 1586823
Enter $2,208 or 3% of line 236 of your return, whichever is less.-24
Line 23 minus line 24 (if negative, enter "0")=25
Allowable amount of medical expenses for other dependants from line 331 of your federal Schedule 15872+26
Add lines 25 and 26.5876+27
Add lines 1 to 22, and line 27.5880=28
Yukon non-refundable tax credit rate (%)x29
Multiply line 28 by line 29.5884=30
Donations and gifts:
Amount from line 345 of your federal Schedule 9x 6.4% =31
Amount from line 347 of your federal Schedule 9x 12.8% =+32
Add lines 31 and 32.5896=+33
Add lines 30 and 33. Enter this amount on line 46.Yukon non-refundable tax credits6150=34
Step 2 - Yukon tax on taxable income
Enter your taxable income from line 260 of your return. 35
Complete the appropriate column depending on the amount on line 35.Line 35 is $44,701 or lessLine 35 is more than $44,701 but not more than $89,401Line 35 is more than $89,401 but not more than $138,586Line 35 is more than $138,586 but not more than $500,000Line 35 is more than $500,000
Enter the amount from line 3536
Line 36 minus line 37 (cannot be negative)=====38
Multiply line 38 by line 39=====40
Add lines 40 and 41Yukon tax on taxable income=====42
Step 3 - Yukon tax
Enter your Yukon tax on taxable income from line 42.43
Enter your Yukon tax on split income from Form T1206.6151+•44
Add lines 43 and 44.=45
Enter your Yukon non-refundable tax credits from line 34.46
Yukon dividend tax credit: Credit calculated for line 6152 on the Provincial Worksheet6152+•47
Yukon overseas employment tax credit: Amount from line 426 of your federal Schedule 1x 42.67% =6153+•48
Yukon minimum tax carryover: Amount from line 427 of your federal Schedule 1x 42.67% =6154+•49
Add lines 46 to 49.=-50
Line 45 minus line 50 (if negative enter "0")=51
Yukon additional tax for minimum tax purposes: Amount from line 117 of Form T691x 42.67% = +52
Add lines 51 and 52=53
Enter the territorial foreign tax credit from Form T2036.-54
Line 53 minus line 54 (if negative enter "0")=55
Yukon political contribution tax credit
Enter your Yukon political contributions made in 2024.638556
Credit calculated for line 57 on the Territorial Worksheet(maximum $500)-57
Line 55 minus line 57 (if negative, enter "0") Enter the result on line 428 of your return.Yukon tax=58