Schedule MB428-A: Manitoba Family Tax Benefit

This calculator, relevant to Manitoba, allows you to see what Family Tax Benefit you may be able to claim

Manitoba Family Tax Benefit
Manitoba Family Tax Benefit
Basic Amount1
Basic amount for dependant spouse or common-law partnerClaim $2,065+2
Amount for an eligible dependant claimed on line 5816 of your Form MB428Claim $2,065+3
Age amount for selfClaim $2,065+4
Age amount for spouse or common-law partner claimClaim $2,0656070+5
Disability amount for spouse or common-law partnerClaim $2,7526071+6
Disability amount for self or for a dependant other than your spouse or common-law partnerNumber of disability claims6072x $2,752 =+7
Amount for disabled dependants born in 1997 or earlierNumberof disabled dependants6074x $2,752 =+8
Amount for dependent children born in 1997 or laterNumber of dependant children6076x $2,752 =+9
Add lines 1 to 9=10
Net income from line 236 of your returnx 9 % =-11
Line 10 minus line 11 (if negative enter "0"). Enter this amount on line 6147 of Form MB428.Family tax benefit=12