2009 Corporation Tax Calculator

The 2009 corporation tax calculator allows companies in the UK and companies based outside the UK with offices or branches in the UK in 2009 to calculate their corporation tax based on their companies financial year or using the 2009 tax year ( 1st April 2009 to the 31st March 2010). If you would like to calculate the corporation tax due in previous financial years, the current tax year and or forecast corporation tax due in the next financial year we suggest you use the dynamic UK Corporation Tax Calculator as this tool is specifically designed for reviewing and computing corporation tax in 2009. We also provide corporation tax examples for 2009 for insight into how corporation tax is calculated in 2009.

2009 Corporation Tax Calculator

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Corporation Tax Further Reading

The following articles are particularly useful for understanding how corporation tax is calculated and how to calculate corporation tax manually.

Corporation Tax Examples for the 2009 Tax Year

The following Corporation Tax examples provide a good example of how corporation tax is applied on company profits in the 2009 tax year which runs from the 1st April 2009 to the 31st March 2010)