UK Average Earnings in 2019 for Elementary Occupations

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Last Reviewed: 28th May 2020

Source: Office for National Statistics (ONS)

Document: Employee earnings in the UK: 2018

Employment Category: Elementary occupations

This page contains the average salaries for Elementary occupations in the United Kingdom in 2019 as extracted from the "Employee earnings in the UK: 2018" document published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). If you are not sure which occupation group your occupation is listed in pleave view our list of occupations allocated to each group by the Office of National Statistics

Below you will find details of the average salary as detailed in the ONS report for 2019 and 2018 with details of the percentage change in average salary and a supporting salary calculation so you can see what the take home pay for each occupation listed under "Elementary Occupations" would be. Please note that some occupations may have no average salaries defined for specific years, this occurs when insufficient data is recorded via the survey or when occupations categories are redefined.

Average Salary Year

The avergae salary data is based on the the Annual Survey for Hours and Earnings (ASHE) which uses a 1% sample of employee jobs, drawn from HM Revenue and Customs Pay As You Earn (PAYE) records.

2018 Annual Salary 1st Jul 2018 to 30th Jun 2019OccupationPay Differance2019 Annual Salary 1st Jul 2019 to 30th Jun 2020
£ 22,142.00 Farm workers 2.02 % £ 22,590.00
£ 19,314.00 Packers, bottlers, canners and fillers 3.76 % £ 20,041.00
£ 21,557.00 Elementary process plant occupations n.e.c. 1.97 % £ 21,981.00
£ 29,486.00 Postal workers, mail sorters and messengers -7.26 % £ 27,344.00
£ 20,792.00 Exam invigilators -16.41 % £ 17,380.00
£ 29,897.00 Shelf fillers -16.24 % £ 25,043.00
£ 25,886.00 Elementary sales occupations n.e.c. -16.73 % £ 21,556.00
£ 25,445.00 Elementary storage supervisors -27.94 % £ 18,335.00
£ 24,664.00 Elementary storage occupations n.e.c. -26.36 % £ 18,162.00