Activities refer to family activities such as visiting theme parks, museums, events, festivals, art galleries, national parks, zoos, and aquariums. Family activities could also include nature trails, family skiing lessons, or other such activities when the entire family steps out for leisure.

Activities in Detail

The cost of family activities varies by the choice of place and the number of members in the household.

Let's look at some choice of activities and their costs.

Example 1: Cheshire

Cheshire has a number of options for family activities. Gulliver's World theme park in Warrington has several rides and attractions such as Western World, The Lost World, and Lilliput Land. The park has several options for eating like Gulliver's Travel Restaurant, which provides home-cooked mills. The prices are £17 for an adult and £22 for kids.

Stockley farm is an organic farm that can be visited by families to experience a day with animals. Families can touch and feed different types of animals. The farm has various themes dedicated to different animals lie cows, pigs and also quizzes related to each. Every day the baby animals in the farm are bottle fed. They also have a daily sheep racing event. The cost of an adult ticket is £8.95, and a family ticket for two adults and two children costs £32.

As you can see, some of the family activities can cost very high. If you add and transportation expenses, it can affect your household budget. Let's look at some cost-effective ideas for family activities.

Budget-friendly Family Activities

TV Show audience: If your family enjoys TV shows, you can spend a day at the recording of TV shows. One of the largest free ticket providers in the UK is the Applause Store, which provides tickets for shows like Britain's Got Talent.

Free museums and art galleries: You can take your family to several of the free museums and art galleries. For example, London has many free museums like the Bank of England Museum, which showcases the 300-year history of the bank. Other options include Grant Museum of Zoology, which has 67,000 specimens or the Museum of London, which showcases the history of London.

Zoo deals: Many zoos such as Amazon World Zoo Park, Banham Zoo, Blackpool Zoo offer a swap option with Tesco Clubcard points, where you can swap your Tesco Clubcard points to get zoo tickets. As of September 2014, Edinburgh zoo is allowing free entry to kids. You can find many zoo deals on

Online discounts or offers for theme parks: Alton Tower, Staffordshire and Blackpool Pleasure Beach offer up to 75% discount on entry if you have Tesco Clubcard points. Also many theme parks offer discount if the booking is done online; an example is Chessington World of Adventures, which charges £44 per adult at the gate, but £33 for online booking.

You can see many such ideas on sites like Money Saving Expert, Groupon, Voucher Codes and Half Discount.

Our household budget calculator can be a useful resource for helping you understand the share of family activities in your household budget.