Global Salary and Tax Calculators

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iCalculator: Free Online designed specifically to provide Income Tax and Salary deductions for Individuals, families and businesses. Our suites of tax calculators are built around specific country tax laws and updated annually to provide a dependable tax calculator for your comparison of salaries when looking at new jobs, reviewing annual pay rises, looking at staff employment costs or just comparing your monthly salary to see how your tax deductions / withholdings accrue each year. You may be a contractor in the UK, a single filer in the US or an expat looking at salaries in China, whatever your situation, we have a salary calculator to support your income tax and payslip deductions. Calculating your salary after tax has never been simpler.

Salary Calculators and Tax Calculators by Country / Continent

Select the continent of the country you with to calculate tax or salaries for. Each country contains tax calculators (VAT, Corporation Tax, Sales Tax, Personal Income tax etc.) and Salary Calculators with supporting tax tables and guides (where relevent).

Please choose a country from the list below to access specific tax calculators, salary calculators and associated finance calculators for that country. You will also find supporting tax guides, personal income tax rates within the 2023 tax tables and salary examples for each country.

Salary and Tax Calculators by Continent


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North America

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About Calculators Tax Calculators (Salary Calculators and Wage Calculators)

Our tax calculators are designed to meet a number of needs, these include (but are not limited to) built in wage calculators, salary calculators, payroll calculators, tax estimators, dividend calculators, pension calculators, social security calculations, salary deductions calculations and income tax calculators. Each calculator is designed to provide specific and detailed take home pay calculation (some refer to this as salary after tax calculator) with detailed income tax calculation. In addition, specific employer, business and corporation specific tax calculators are built in to allow business tax costs to be calculated such as corporation tax, VAT, PAYE, Federal tax , Government tax, State tax and capital gains tax depending on which country you choose. The tax calculators allow salary comparison, tax estimation and salary after tax visability as well as providing salary examples and example tax commitments for specific business activities and employment costs.