Scotland Salary Calculations on iCalculator

These 2023 salary calculations are provided to allow visibility of salary deductions when comparing salaries at different rates when looking at new jobs, promotion or considering a career change in Scotland.

Scotland deducts most income tax direct as source from your employer, these deductions are in the form of 'Pay As You Earn' (PAYE) transactions, the same as the rest of the UK. A special arrangement exists with Scotland whereby seperate UK and Scottish Income tax tables (rates and thresholds) are used to calculate income tax deductions.

Each Scottish salary example provides standard deductions for quick comparison. You can print and/or email the salary example to yourself for later reference. If you need a more detailed salary calculation, use the full salary calculator which allows for all pension types, deductions, dividends and more allowing you to produce a refined salary calculation and cleared representation of your take home salary after deductions.

Scotland Salary and Salary Tax Calculators

The following tools can be used to produce general salary and tax calculations or more detailed salary calculations as required:

  1. Quick PAYE Calculator (Automated)
  2. Manual PAYE Calculator
  3. Pay Rise PAYE Calculator
  4. National Insurance Calculator

1. Quick PAYE Calculator (Automated)

Let's start with the easiest. This simple Scotland PAYE calculator will provide a full PAYE calculation (with employee and employers National Insurance Payments) simply by entering your gross pay. When you type the tool will build a link which, when clicked, will provide a full PAYE calculation using standard UK tax and payroll settings.

  1. Enter Gross Annual Salary
  2. Calculator builds link
  3. Click on Link to view calculation
  4. Alternatively: Use the custom Scotland PAYE Calculator and edit the default tax and payroll settings
Quick Scotland PAYE Salary Illustration:

2. Manual Scotland PAYE Calculator

These Scotland PAYE Calculators allow you to manually enter all your personal settings and produce a bespoke tax and PAYE illustration based on your own personal circumstances (children, age, tax code, allowances etc).

Simple select your payment cycle to get started (takes bewteen 20 seconds - 3 minutes depending on how much detail you wish to enter.

Payment Cycle: Monthly | Four Weekly | Fortnightly | Weekly | Daily | Hourly | or enter your Annual Gross Income

3. Scotland Pay Rise PAYE Calculator

A great way to see how your PAYE and tax will change when you receive a payrise: Pay Rise Calculator

4. Scotland National Insurance Calculator

Employers and Employees National Insurance Calculator, see how much an empoyee really costs. Did you know that most employees don't realise that the employer pays money for them above their gross pay. Employer NIC's Calculator

iCalculator Scotland Salary illustrations provide a precise breakdown of your annual salary. This includes specific details on your daily, weekly, monthly and annual take home pay, calculated after allowing for personal allowances, employee and employer PAYE contributions, National insurance contributions, salary sacrifice, and other salary allowances and Tax deductions

All the Salary calculators and Tax calculators featured on iCalculator are free to use. The take home pay calculators are designed to be used online, if you do expereince difficulties or your looking for a Tax calculator which isn't featured, please contact us. We are always looking for new calculator projects and ideas so we are happy to receive your feedback and wish lists.

For ease of use, we have produced a list of example Scotland salary illustrations below including PAYE, National Insurance and Tax deductions. These tax calculations use geenric settings, if you would like edit pension infomration and your tax code etc then you should calculate your take home pay using the PAYE calculator or look at typical earning by viewing one of the illustrations below.

Salary Illustration - Create and Email

The following Scotland salary examples will allow you to view a salary calculation and then send this to yourself, a friend, colleague, employee, potential employee etc. This tool is popular with Recruitment agencies. If you work for a recruitment agency and would like your own, branded salary calculator on iCalculator please contact us for more details.

Salary Illustrations

Click to view a PAYE illustration and email/print as required.