Japan Income Tax Rates and Personal Allowances in 2019

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The income tax rates, allowances, thresholds, rates and other payroll deductions and allowances displayed on this page are used by the 2019 payroll and tax calculators to calculate relevant tax deductions. These tools are provided free for your use on the iCalculator™ website. We regularly update the Japan Tax tables but, if you spot a bug with the 2019 tax tables or identify an update for the 2019 tax year that we have missed then please contact us and we will update the tool (updates are free, we simply ask for the feedback and support of our community to keep these tax calculators free for all to use).

Japan Income Tax Tables in 2019: Income Tax Rates and Thresholds (Annual)
Tax RateTaxable Income Threshold
5%Income from ¥ 0.00 to ¥ 1,950,000.00
10%Income from ¥ 1,950,001.00 to ¥ 3,300,000.00
20%Income from ¥ 3,300,001.00 to ¥ 6,950,000.00
23%Income from ¥ 6,950,001.00 to ¥ 9,000,000.00
33%Income from ¥ 9,000,001.00 to ¥ 18,000,000.00
40%Income from ¥ 18,000,001.00 to ¥ 400,000,000.00
45%Income from ¥ 400,000,001.00 and above

Please note that the personal exemptions shown are for directional purposes, personal exemptions for filers are calculated based on "employment Income Deductions" which are applied based on earnings thresholds. The criteria and calculations approach for Employment Income Deductions changed after the 2020 tax year. The 2019 tax calculator for Japan will automatically calculate the appropriate income deductions for 2019, the calculations are then displayed with the results so you can understand how much "Employment Income Deduction" is applied for each specific salary calculation.

Japan Income Tax Tables in 2019: Personal Exemption Allowances
Personal exemption for Permanent Residents¥ 380,000.00
Personal exemption for Non-Permanent Residents¥ 330,000.00
Personal exemption for Non-Residents¥ 330,000.00
Japan Income Tax Tables in 2019: Dependents Allowances
Dependents Allowance for Permanent Residents¥ 380,000.00
Dependents Allowance for Non-Permanent Residents¥ 0.00
Dependents Allowance for Non-Residents¥ 0.00
Japan Income Tax Tables in 2019: Miscellaneous Rates
Pension contributions rate8.99%
Employee Social Insurance Contribution Rate4.99%
Employer Social Insurance Contribution Rate4.99%
National Health Insurance Rate4.7%

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