Jamaica Tax Calculator 2023/24

The Jamaica Tax Calculators in this section allow you to calculate income tax and payroll taxes and deductions. This includes calculations for employees in Jamaica to calculate their annual salary after tax and for employers to calculate their cost of employment for their employees in Jamaica. The Jamaica Tax Calculator and salary calculators within our Jamaica tax section are based on the latest tax rates published by the Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ). On this page you can use the latest tax calculator and find supporting links to relevant documents and

Jamaica Tax Calculator 2023/24
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Jamaica Wage Calculator. This image shows the Jamaica flag and information relating to the tax formula for the Jamaica Tax Calculator

How to calculate income tax in Jamaica

Calculating you income tax and payroll deductions including National Insurance Scheme (NIS), National Housing Trust (NHT), Education Tax (ET), and Human Employment and Resource Training (HEART) is simple with the Jamaica Tax Calculator. This calculator will also calculate employer payroll deductions to provide a total cost of employment calculation for employees in Jamaica.

  1. Enter your Salary.
  2. Select a calculation view. This feature allows you to see different calculations for specific scenarios and devices.
  3. [Optional] click on Advanced to access advanced features
  4. [Advanced Feature] Change the tax assessment year, the default is 2023.
  5. [Advanced Feature] Enter any other income you receive
  6. [Advanced Feature] Add Pension Contributions, these can be a fixed amount or a percentage of your salary
  7. [Advanced Feature] choose "I am over 65" to have over 65 allowance added to your tax calculation
  8. [Advanced Feature] choose "I am retired" to have retirement allowance added to your tax calculation
  9. [Advanced Feature] Alter the number of hours you work, days per year etc. This allows more refined calculations based on hours, days etc.
  10. [Advanced Feature] Alter the payment period, this allows the tax calculator to calculate you annual salary based on an hourly rate, daily rate, weekly wage etc. The default is to use an annual salary.
  11. You can then print and/or email the tax calculation to yourself for later reference

About the Jamaican Tax Calculator

The salary calculator for income tax deductions based on the latest Jamaican tax rates for 2023/2024. The Jamaican Salary Calculator includes income tax deductions, National Insurance Scheme, National Housing Scheme calculations and age related tax allowances.

The Jamaica tax calculator provides a line by line calculation explanation, analysis and links to supporting information so that you can have a clear understanding of how your tax (NIS, Education Tax etc.) are calculated.

Please contact us to request additional features on the salary calculator for Jamaican income tax or to report any perceived errors on the salary calculator.

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