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The salary inflation calculator allows you to enter your annual income, select a specific year and calculate the relevant value in today's terms so that you can understand how the value of your income has changed over the years because of inflation. In simple terms, you can compare what you earn against your parents, grandparents and so on. Were you looking for the Salary Calculator?

The salary inflation calculator uses a combination of official UK Inflation data and historic inflation estimates as calculated by the Office for National Statistics. The salary inflation calculation will compute the amount you entered as a historic amount and shows all years between 2023 and the year you selected along with the inflation rate percentages for each of the associated years.

You can email or print your inflation calculation for later reference. We provide a range of inflation calculators including salary inflation calculators, details of each can be found below the 'Equivalent Price Inflation Calculator'.

Equivalent Salary Inflation Calculator: Calculate the salary then of the equivalent salary now
Salary Inflation Calculator Results
YearEquivelant amountInflation Rate in
Now and Then Inflation Rates in the UK: 2023 - 2023 and £1 equivalent
20212.6%19962.5%19719.4%19463.1% 1921-8.6%
20202%19952.7%19706.4%19452.8% 192015.4%
20192%19941.9%19695.4%19442.7% 191910.1%
20182%19932.5%19684.7%19433.4% 191822%
20172.74%19924.3%19672.5%19427.1% 191725.2%
20161.79%19917.5%19663.9%194110.8% 191618.1%
20150%19907%19654.8%194016.8% 191512.5%
20141.5%19895.4%19643.3%19392.8% 1914-0.3%
20132.6%19884.1%19632%19381.6% 1913-0.4%
20122.8%19873.3%19624.3%19373.4% 19123%
20114.5%19863%19613.4%19360.7% 19110.1%
20103.3%19854.9%19601%19350.7% 19100.9%
20092.2%19844.3%19590.6%19340% 19090.5%
20083.6%19834.9%19583%1933-2.1% 19080.5%
20072.3%19827.9%19573.7%1932-2.6% 19071.2%
20062.3%198110.9%19564.9%1931-4.3% 19060%
20052%198016.4%19554.5%1930-2.8% 19050.4%
20041.3%197913.4%19541.8%1929-0.9% 1904-0.2%
20031.4%19788.3%19533.1%1928-0.3% 19030.4%
20021.2%197715.8%19529.2%1927-2.4% 19020%
20011.2%197616.5%19519.1%19260.8% 19010.5%
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