Inflation Calculators and Guides

Inflation is the continuous increase in the general cost of goods and services and directly affects the value of your money. Inflation is measured on a country-by-country basis. In real terms, the higher inflation is the less a currency is worth.

This means that as inflation rises, each pound will buy your less goods and services. In the inflation sector we look at inflation in detail and provides guides and calculators which allow you to understand how much your salary is worth now compared to previous years with details on current and historic inflation rates. We also provide average product sample costs in previous years so you can compare your comparative salary to that of common product prices throughout the years.

The aim of the inflation section is to explain how inflation works and how it affects your income and spending power.

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The inflation guides below are designed to be followed in order but you can skip to the relevant inflation guide/calculator if you are looking for specific information on inflation.

  1. Inflation explained: An article which examines what inflation is and how it affects everyday costs and earnings.
  2. Inflation calculator: A tool which allows you to calculate the equivalent cost of goods or services in a specific year.
  3. Salary inflation calculator: A tool which allows you to review how your salary in 2024 compares to historic salary equivalents.
  4. Core inflation explained: An article that explains core inflation and how this is used to benchmark inflation rates for specific countries.
  5. Types of inflation: A guide which explores the different types of inflation
  6. Deflation explained: An article which examines deflation and how this affects the cost of goods and services.
  7. How to calculate inflation: A guide which explains how to calculate inflation.
  8. Causes of Inflation: A guide which looks at the factors affecting inflation.
  9. Consumer price index explained: A guide which explains the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
  10. Historic Inflation Rates: An overview of historic inflation rates with graphical trends.