Saskatchewan Credits

This for, relevant to Saskatchewan, calculates the Active Family Credit amount you may be able to claim

Enter the final figure on line 479 of your return

Saskatchewan Credits
Active families benefit
If your adjusted family income is not more than $60,000, you can claim the active families benefit. Otherwise, enter "0" on line 7.
Adjusted family income for the calculation of the Saskatchewan active families benefitColumn 1Column 2
YouYour spouse or common-law partner
Enter the net income amount from line 236 of the return. 1 1
Total of the universal child care benefit (UCCB) repayment (line 213 of the return) and the registered disability savings plan (RDSP) income repayment (included on line 232)+2+2
Add lines 1 and 2=3=3
Total of the UCCB income (line 117 of the return) and RDSP income (line 125 of the return)-4-4
Line 3 minus line 4 (if negative enter "0")=5=5
Add the amounts from line 5 in column 1 and column 2 (if applicable) and continue on line 7Adjusted Family Income6
If the amount on line 6 is more than $60,000, enter "0". Otherwise, enter the total amount from the worksheet below. Enter this amount on line 479 of your return.7
Worksheet - Line 7 - Active families benefit
Name of eligible childChild's date of birthAmount paid for eligible activitiesEnter the amount paid or $150, whichever is less.
Add the amount for each eligible child. Enter this amount on line 7.Total