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A simple online calculator which can be used by any online device, loaded full screen.

This is a basic online calculator, use the menu to access more detailed online calculators for tax, math, physics, finance and more. iCalculator - Free Online calculators for everyday business and personal use

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What is an Online Calculator?

An online calculator is a calculator that can be accessed using a device capable of accessing the internet. Online Calculators are accessed via mobile phone apps, desktop apps and or web browsers. The online calculator is loaded and updated whilst connection to the internet is live. If you are accessing the online calculator through a mobile web app, you may be able to access the online calculators whilst offline, depending on your mobile device settings. Each time you access an online calculator, it will update and provide the latest settings. All other devices accessing the online calculators will simply load the online calculator directly in a browser and have instant access to the latest version of the online calculator without having to install any additional software. All our online calculators and free to use within the iCalculator site.

How do I access the Online Calculator?

In order to access the online calculators you will need a device capable of accessing the internet and running a web browser. You will also need access to the internet to use the online calculators. You need to provide your own device and gain access to the internet independently, iCalculator does not provide those, we simply provide the online calculator for you to use for free once you have accessed the online calculator on our website. Please see our Terms of Use if you have any additional questions.